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Monday Night RAW is off to a great start but it only gets better once Finn Bálor finally makes his appearance for the night whilst Cena, McIntyre, Corbin and Mr. McMahon are inside the ring. Finn interrupts the men arguing and says that he is sick of always being left out of the universal title conversation. Bálor says that he is in fact, the only person in that ring that had been the universal champion. Vince goes on to say that he isn’t so sure that Finn could beat Brock Lesnar. Finn then says that he was always sure that Vince never believed in him and that he’s willing to prove the boss otherwise and wasted no time in attacking Drew McIntyre.

All hell breaks loose until Mr. McMahon decides to put a stop to it once Drew was the only one left standing tall and announces a fatal four way for later on in the night to determine who will face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Finn Bálor is seen backstage, making his way towards gorilla where he passes by a possible new call-up, Lacey Evans. He shrugs it off before continuing out to the ring to face Jinder Mahal in order to advance to the fatal four way.

Bálor comes out to a pop, as always and makes his way down to the ring. Before the match could begin, Jinder and Sunil attacked Bálor. Despite being injured, Bálor gives the okay for the match to start. Once the bell did ring, Mahal instantly attacks Bálor with a massive boot and easily gained the upper hand. After the commercial Bálor manages to turn the match around and gain the upper hand against Mahal. Bálor then hits the Coup de Grâce for the win.

The main event is now up where the four men compete to find out who will go on to face Brock Lesnar. Bálor is the first of the four competitors out to the ring. The match is packed solid with action and it comes to an end once Finn hits the Coup de Grâce on John Cena for the three count. Bálor is victorious and will go on to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. After the match John said that he knows Finn said that Vince didn’t believe in him but the crowd does. John then tells Bálor that there’s one more person who believes in Finn and that’s him.

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Finn Bálor retraces his Blackpool roots and reminisces about the role he played in the development of Jordan Devlin, his Irish protégé and NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool opponent.


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Jordan Devlin is scheduled to face Travis Banks and it was shown earlier on in the pre-show that Devlin had tried to take Banks out for the night.

Failing to do so, Banks attacked Devlin before the match could officially start but it did not end well for Banks. Devlin began to brag on the microphone that he is the greatest Irish wrestler alive and that since he no longer had a match, it was interview time with Jordan.

General Manager Johnny Saint had other plans, though. Within a few moments, Finn Bálor is making his presence known in the Blackpool ballroom accompanied by a thunderous pop.

Devlin looks the least bit impressed. The match starts off with Bálor and Devlin standing face to face and that match doesn’t begin until Devlin takes it upon himself to slap Bálor in the face.

The match continues to go back and forth; the crowd is throughly invested in what is Teacher vs. Student. The match is long lasting but it comes to an end when Bálor hits the Coup De Grâce for the count of three.

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As a Superstar who began his career in the United Kingdom, Finn Bálor is very proud to help introduce the new UK Performance Center and to impart words of advice to the young hopefuls looking to train there.


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To start off RAW, there would be a brawl between Lashley and Rollins, only for it to lead into the arena and get broken up, then Cena came out expressing how happy he was to be back on RAW, only to then get interupted by Lashley and Lio Rush. Lio would go on saying RAW was cancelled until someone did something about Seth, but Seth would come out from behind and attack only to then be attacked my Drew and Lashley, which then Cena joined in to help Seth, but Dean would then get his nose in it attacking Seth.

It would lead to ringside as Seth and Cena were getting beat down on by Lashley, Ambrose and Drew, Finn would quickly run out to help out Seth and John which it would then cut to commerical. Once back from commerical it was made a 3 man tag match between Seth, Cena and Finn vs Dean, Drew and Lashley. Once Finn was in the ring he would take control most part but would continued to get beat down, only to then tag in Cena.

Once Cena was down and out Seth and Finn would jump up and down on the outside trying to build Cena up to tag one of them in, Seth continued to get knocked down so Cena would tag in Finn as he came flying at Drew hitting him over and over again.

Once Finn had enough he would then tag in Seth would took control, leading it onto him and Dean where he would then hit Dean with a Curb Stomp picking up the win for the team. As Cena, Seth and Finn celebrated in the ring Seth couldn’t help but notice that Triple H wasn’t paying attention at all, he would then get out of the ring and storm backstage.

Cena and Finn were seen celebrating withe the fans before it cut backstage to Seth.

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To kick off the last RAW of 2018, it would be a cage match between Dolph & Drew, but the camera would show backstage as Finn was watching the match, keeping a close eye on the two he’s faced this year.

When it came to Seth coming out demanding a rematch for the IC Title, Triple H came out putting him into a match with Bobby Lashley and told him that he had to prove himself before he even got that chance. Shane would then come out, basically telling Seth that he needed to leave the ring because they were having a Battle Royal to see who would face Dean later on in the night. Finn would be the first to come out, making his way down the ramp and looked at Triple H, as Triple H threw him up a Too Sweet, and Finn would hit him back with it, he would then get up to the ring before it cut to commerical. After commerical the ring was full of wrestlers, but one was not in the ring yet and that was Baron Corbin. He made his way down to the ring as all the superstars stood in the ring watching him, he got in and the match had started. Superstars throwing eachother over the top rope left and right, Finn would eliminate two people, but later on getting Eliminated by Baron Corbin.

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When it came time to Baron and Braun’s match Baron would believe that he would win by forfeit, but Strowman had other plans. Making his way down to the ring in a sling, Corbin would continue to tell Heath that he couldn’t find because he was still injured. Braun would climb up onto the ring, telling Baron that he must of forgot that in a TLC Match there’s no DQ, and that even if he couldn’t find, he had people to fight for him that believed he was a bad General Manager. Surronding the ring was ever superstar that Corbin had caused trouble to, including Finn. All the superstars would climb onto the ring apron and watch as Heath removed his ref shirt and throw it at Corbin. The superstars then climbed into the ring taking there turns hitting Baron, once Baron had escaped trying to walk away, Kurt Angel’s music would hit and out came the former RAW General Manager. Hitting Corbin over and over again with the chair causing him to retreat back into the ring once again, the superstars already in the ring would continue to hit Corbin with moves. Once Corbin was down and out Heath slipped back on his ref shirt, as Strowman placed his foot ontop of Baron, and got the pin. The superstars celebrated with Strowman before leaving.

It was now time for Finn vs Drew. Drew would come out first, later followed by Finn. The match would start with Drew taking over most of the match, but it would turn around on him for a bit. Finn would throw him out of the ring doing his normal dive over the top rope landing on him and getting him back in the ring about to hit him with a Coupe De Grace but Drew would pick up Finn from the top rope and throwing himself and Finn off. Finn would then gain control again stomping away at Drew on the outside, then lining up to kick him but Drew would grab him by the foot, swipping Balor face first causing Balor to fall off the ring and onto the floor. Drew would then pick up Balor throwing him back into the ring only to get kicked in the face by Dolph, the two would go at it long enough for Finn to build himself back up, once Drew got back in the ring Finn would kick him into the corner causing Drew to fall in the right place for a Coupe De Grace once again, this time Finn would hit it and picked up the win my pin fall.

Backstage after the match Kayla was seen talking to Finn about the match and what he thought about Dolph, as soon as he was gonna speak, Dolph would show up telling Finn that he can thank him later. Both men went back and forth as Finn would tell Dolph to stay out of his business, then grabbing Dolph would to be thrown into backstage crates and being left there as Dolph walked away. It was then mentioned that on RAW, Finn would be facing Dolph.

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On RAW tonight, Drew would face Dolph, while facing Dolph it seemed like McIntyre’s focus was purely on Balor. Finn had enough of hearing his name come out of Drew’s mouth, so he came down for a closer view. Finn would continue to watch the match only to get involed near the end by kicking Drew into the barricade, he retreated up to the top of the stage and watch Dolph pick up the win. With a smug expression at the top of the stage he watched a defeated Drew in the ring.

Elias was in the ring doing a segement calling out Lashley, which brought out Lashley and Lio Rush. They started to talk about Elias which provoked Elias and caused him to come up the ramp and get ready to smash the guitar over either of there backs, but Lio would run off the stage and Lashley would run backstage. Only a couple minutes later we would see Lio being thrown back on the stage and think that Elias was gone, but Elias would smash Lio over the back with the guitar. We then found out that it was Finn who threw Lio back on the stage, as the camera panned over to Balor smiling, clapping and throwing up a too sweet to Elias leaving Elias pointing and smiling at Balor in return.

Backstage Jinder would tell Corbin that he would take care of Finn Balor for him and that he wanted a match. Corbin would agree and the match was set. When it came time for the match Jinder would be in control most of the match, only for the match to turned by Balor. Balor was setting up for the Coupe De Gras when the Signh Brothers pushed him off the top rope, then danced outside the ring in celebration, but that celebration came to an end when Apollow Crews came and attacked both Signh brothers causing a distracting for Mahal. Which Balor then took adventage of the disraction, hitting Mahal with a Coupe De Gras to pick up the win.

Backstage Finn was seen talking to Charly about the match and about Baron Corbin, only to be attacked from behind by Drew, the Scottish Psychopath continued his assult on Finn as Refs and other people backstage were trying to pull him off.

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Drew entered the ring to talk about what he did to Kurt last week, but Finn soon interrupted to confront Drew. He explained to him that he didn’t like what Drew did to Kurt last week, nor did he enjoy what Drew did to him either. Drew brought up that he hopes that Finn wasn’t gonna think that Drew was coming to help him just because of where they come from. Finn then brought up that he wants to face Drew tonight, but Drew told him that he doesn’t deserve to face him and in order to prove to him that he can, he had to defeat Dolph first. Before the match could start and before it went to commercial, Drew gave Finn a head butt knocking him out for a bit before it cut to commercial. When the show returned, Finn was slowly getting up while the ref went to check on him in order to start the match, but Dolph would catch him off guard and go in for the attack. Dolph was in control most of the match, but Finn wasn’t going down without a fight. Finn fought back; hitting Dolph with punches and then a drop kick, but that still wouldn’t keep Dolph down; he continued to work on Finn. Later, Finn bounced off the rope and dove into Drew, then threw Dolph over the top rope, which led to Finn flying over the top rope knocking both men down. Finn wasted little time and went up to the top of the ring post, getting ready to hit Dolph with a Coup De Grace, but Dolph knocked him off and hit him with a finisher. Thankfully, Finn kicked out, Dolph then attempted to go for the pin, but Finn rolled him up and got the win. While Heading back up the ramp, with a smile on his face, the camera panned to an angry Drew and Dolph in the ring.

Backstage Stephanie was seen talking to Baron. She approached Finn explaining how she loved what he just did and that she wanted him on the Survivor Series team. Finn, of course, accepted, but Baron didn’t like the idea. Then, Drew and Dolph came on screen, talking smack about Finn. Stephanie told both Drew and Dolph that if they have a problem with Finn, they can wait until after Survivor Series to fight each other, but for now they needed to be on the same page.

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Finn came out first as the crowd roared in cheers. Both Bayley and Finn brought the Bayley buddies out, they then made there way down to the ring. Bayley had a hard time getting down from the ropes as Finn went to check on her, laughing as he was asking her if she was good. Bayley started the match with Mickie as the crowd roared with “Hey Bayley” Finn urged them to continue as he waited on the outside. While cheering on Bayley and hyping up the crowd some more, he bounced back and forth, watching Bayley do her magic. Micke James tagged in Lashley which means in came Finn. Finn and Lashley would sqaure off as Lashley would show off his muscles and try and get on Finn’s good side but Finn was having none of it. The crowd began to chant “Finn forever,” when Finn then climbed to the turn buckle and climbed up to the top of the rope. Lashley seemed jealous and attacked Finn. Lashley continued his assault, but Finn caught Lashley with a drop kick then threw him out of the Ring along with Lio Rush. Just as Finn was about to dive over the ropes, Mickie grabbed him and distracted Finn as Lashley came back and took control again. Lashley was distracted by talking to Bayley as Finn kicked him in the chest, but that wouldn’t help, as Lashley continued to take control. Finn got the clear and quickly tagged in Bayley. Finn quickly broke up the pin from Mickie but Lashley came in and attempted to attack Finn, but he hit him with a sling blade and was thrown into the post. Lio Rush then got in the ring but was later chased around the ring by Finn. Finn moved as he hit the turn buckle, tried to climb up to the turn buckle, but got pushed off by Lashley. Bayley then hit Lio Rush with a Bayley To Belly, but Mickie kicked and pinned her for the win.


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