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Dream plays mind games with Finn Balor at the start of the match, not letting Balor get close. Balor eventually gets a headlock in on Dream and takes him to the mat. Dream escapes the hold and goes for a sunset rollup, but Balor rolls through and points his finger guns at Dream. Dream backs up out of the ring and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Balor is chopping away at Dream. Balor runs the ropes, but Dream hits a Thesz Press on Dream, then taunts at the camera. Dream picks up Balor and throws him face first into the turnbuckle, then slaps him around.

Dream clubs away at Balor’s back and tries to toss his face into the turnbuckle again, but Balor blocks and takes down Dream by kicking away at Dream’s legs. Balor hits an elbow drop on Dream’s leg, then locks in a submission on Dream’s leg. Balor transitions into a modified STF, but Dream gets to the ropes.

Balor immediately hits a single leg takedown on Dream, then stomps on The injured leg. The referee forces a break, but once Dream gets back to his feet, Balor goes right back after Dream’s leg. Dream kicks away at Balor’s head, forcing Balor to break the submission hold.

Balor goes back for the same leg, but Dream kicks Balor away, then nails him with a leaping kick to the face, sending both men to the mat. Dream and Balor are back to their feet. Dream and Balor trade blows until Dream gets Balor in the corner, then mounts the corner and punches Balor.

Dream jumps off the corner and goes for a running kick, but Balor avoids and stomps and kicks away at Dream. Dream catches Balor with a back elbow and a leaping double ax handle from the second rope. Dream attacks Balor, snapping his neck over the top rope as Dream goes out of the ring.

As Dream is recovering out of the ring, Cameron Grimes comes out of the back. Grimes starts taunting Dream, saying that Dream is “the guy that lost to me.” Grimes continues to strut down the ring to the confusion of both Balor and Dream as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, Grimes is sitting on top of a ladder outside the ring, holding the NXT North American Championship. Dream picks up Balor and hits a pendulum backbreaker. Dream taunts Grimes and looks away from Balor, then hits an uppercut on Balor, taking him to hte mat.

Dream goes for a sunset flip rollup again, but Balor rolls through and hits a basement dropkick on Dream. Dream jumps to the top rope, but Balor crotches him. Balor wraps Dream up in the tree of woe and Balor stomps and kicks away at Dream’s face.

The referee forces a break, but Balor goes right back after Dream, tossing him corner to corner. Balor whips Dream hard into the corner, sending him over the top rope to the outside. Balor gives chase and kicks away at Dream. Grimes taunts Balor and Balor begins to climb the ladder that Grimes is sitting on, but Dream disrupts Balor’s climb and hits him with snake eyes on the apron.

Back in the ring, Dream goes for the DreamDT, but Balor reverses and takes him down. Balor hits a dropkick on Dream into the corner, sending him down. Balor climbs the ropes and goes for the Coup de Grace, but Grimes distracts him in enough time for Dream to take Balor off the top rope.

Gargano comes down the to the ring and pushes the ladder that Grimes is on, sending Grimes into the ring, taking the referee out at the same time. Balor and Dream take on Grimes. Gargano grabs the NXT North American Championship and starts to walk to the back, but Bronson Reed stops him and chases him back into the ring, where Damian Priest is waiting. Reed and Priest take out Gargano.

Priest tries to take out Reed, but Dream catches Priest with a DDT. Reed and Dream also end up on the outside, but Balor hits a tope onto Dream and Reed on the outside. Balor gets to his feet when suddenly Timothy Thatcher comes out of nowhere and takes out Balor.

Thatcher tosses Balor back into the ring right into the waiting arms of Velveteen Dream. Dream hits Balor with a Dream Valley Driver, then pins Balor just in time for the ref to regain consciousness and count the pinfall victory.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

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