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Thatcher goes at Balor at the bell while Lumis stands in a corner and watches. They brawl to the outside, but when they return, he chops both of them. They head to the outside, he pauses and them rushes at them with a tope. They evade, but he lands on his feet. Back in the ring, he puts both men down again, then gets the first nearfall on Finn with a backdrop. Thatcher attacks and ends up dumped over the top rope, but that gives Balor a chance to attack. He targets Dexter’s left leg, and while he’s doing that Thatcher rushes in with a European. He attacks Lumis then, and gets two off a suplex. Wrist lock, but Finn returns and they’re trading shots. Thatcher takes Balor out a the knee, and he’s the only one not selling a leg when go PiP for the last time.

Balor is powering out of a Thatch submission when we return to full screen. Finn jaw-jacks him, but Thatcher stays on his feet and dodges a Lumis drop kick with Balor regroups. Thatcher resumes inflicting punishment on the Irishman, while occasionally knocking Dexter down every time he gets back up. Thatcher gets the better of a striking exchange with Balor, then turns into strikes from Lumis. He knocks Thatch down, but then takes the Pele kick from Finn. Sling blades for everyone, then he takes aim at Dexter. While he’d doing that, Thatcher grabs his legs and pulls him crotch first into the ringpost. He looks to follow up by stretching Finn’s injured leg, but Dexter breaks that up. He gets a spinebuster, but can’t follow up with his submission finisher. Balor tries to get back in it, but Thatcher whips the injured leg.

Lumis then does get Silence locked in, but Finn flies in with a Coupe de Grace. One, two, Thatcher breaks it up! Thatcher gets the leg lock, but while Finn struggles Lumis slides back in and locks in Silence. Thatcher passes out!

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