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DigitalScreen Captures

Chain wrestling sequence to start, Finn gets him down in a side headlock. Ilja tries to shoot him off but a hip toss takes him into another. Headscissor, Finn nips up but gets taken into a side headlock himself. Finn tries to roll him over to counter but Ilja kicks out, keeps the hold on. Finn fights to his feet, shoots him off but Ilja with a crossbody gets two! Makes a Crossbow pose right in Finn’s face, beckoning him to bring it! Finn starts to bring up the finger guns but Ilja just smacks him in the face! Sunset flip, Finn rolls through, wicked smack to the face right back! Throws him out of the ring, baseball slide! Big ovation!

Ilja fights out of a suplex attempt, spinning knife edge chop, dynamite senton! Arm wringer locked in, crowd claps Finn to his feet but he’s taken to the corner. No clean break, Ilja with a kick to the gut.Finn avoids a charge, but gets knocked to the apron on the Enziguri attempt! Ilja knocks him to the floor, teased dive but he knew Finn was ready. Kicks him away, crossbody from the bottom rope instead, beautiful! Getting heat though, crowd way on Finn’s side. Throws him into the ring but Finn slips right back out.
Ilja goes up top, flies off but Finn avoids him and he crashes onto the floor!
Finn stomps him into the floor, throws him into the ring, running kick to the head for a 2 count. Headlock in tight now. Ilja fights up, wrist lock, but Finn stops him with a body slam, elbow drop, 2 count. Finn with leaping stomps to Ilja’s chest. Crowd asks for one more time and he instead gives like six more! Huge ovation! Finn with some mean chops, snapmare to a quick cover for 2! Immediately into that chinlock! Hoists him up, Ilja reverses a vertical suplex! Charging knee in the corner, big lariat! Poses to heat! Corner clothesline, pulls him to the mat, comes off the top rope with a knee drop! Cover for a nearfall!

Pulls him up, back hands to the face! Relentless! Knee lifts to the chest! Finn catches one though, trip but he kicks him away. Knee lift to the face, very solid! Nearfall! Ilja wants a DVD, Finn escapes, trip, double stomp to the chest! Exchange of wicked shots, vicious chops, Finn wants a pele but Ilja catches him! Wants his finish, Finn escapes, tries for the 1916, this is blocked but Finn gets him with the Final Cut instead! Slingblade nailed! Charges, but Ilja with a Pump Knee! Hoists him up, High Angle Roman Deadlift German Suplex for a nearfall! Ilja with a Tiger Feint Kick Lariato! Finn bails, Ilja up top… flying body block to the floor!

Throws him into the ring, Finn slumps on the bottom rope! Ilja up top again… from a long-ass ways, he nails him with a flying dropkick to the head! Nearfall! Finn with some blood on the side of his head. Dragunov up top one more time… Senton, but Finn gets the knees up! Hesitation Dropkick to the corner! Crowd going nuts as Finn goes up top! Coup de Gras! 1916 finishes him off!

Winner: Finn Balor

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