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Finn came out first as the crowd roared in cheers. Both Bayley and Finn brought the Bayley buddies out, they then made there way down to the ring. Bayley had a hard time getting down from the ropes as Finn went to check on her, laughing as he was asking her if she was good. Bayley started the match with Mickie as the crowd roared with “Hey Bayley” Finn urged them to continue as he waited on the outside. While cheering on Bayley and hyping up the crowd some more, he bounced back and forth, watching Bayley do her magic. Micke James tagged in Lashley which means in came Finn. Finn and Lashley would sqaure off as Lashley would show off his muscles and try and get on Finn’s good side but Finn was having none of it. The crowd began to chant “Finn forever,” when Finn then climbed to the turn buckle and climbed up to the top of the rope. Lashley seemed jealous and attacked Finn. Lashley continued his assault, but Finn caught Lashley with a drop kick then threw him out of the Ring along with Lio Rush. Just as Finn was about to dive over the ropes, Mickie grabbed him and distracted Finn as Lashley came back and took control again. Lashley was distracted by talking to Bayley as Finn kicked him in the chest, but that wouldn’t help, as Lashley continued to take control. Finn got the clear and quickly tagged in Bayley. Finn quickly broke up the pin from Mickie but Lashley came in and attempted to attack Finn, but he hit him with a sling blade and was thrown into the post. Lio Rush then got in the ring but was later chased around the ring by Finn. Finn moved as he hit the turn buckle, tried to climb up to the turn buckle, but got pushed off by Lashley. Bayley then hit Lio Rush with a Bayley To Belly, but Mickie kicked and pinned her for the win.


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